About Us



We are a full 6-piece band featuring:

  • Outstanding Lead Vocalists
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars
  • Keyboard (piano, organ, strings, horns, etc.)
  • Saxophone & Wind Instruments
  • Electric Bass Guitar
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Horn Section (modest additional charge)

We Have Both Male and Female Lead Vocalists

The biggest impression a band can make comes from the quality of its lead singers.  Or, if a band doesn’t have both a male and female lead singer, the variety of songs they can play is limited.  We have outstanding male and female lead vocalists whose quality and versatility cannot be matched by most other bands.  You can hear for yourself from our Audio Samples and Video Clips.

We Know How To Entertain

The reason you’re considering hiring a band is because you want your guests to be entertained and that’s our primary goal.  We try to involve the audience whenever possible whether by encouraging them to dance and playing several songs back-to-back without breaking, to sing along, or even allowing some to take the microphone and sing with us!  The more we involve your guests, the more they’ll feel a part of the show and the more they’ll enjoy themselves.  It’s not only about how well a band plays the songs, it’s about how well a band entertains your guests!

We Offer A Variety Of Styles

Most audiences are made up of a variety of musical tastes.  Some like ’40’s swing, others like Classic Rock and still others may prefer today’s hits.  Many bands like to specialize in one style of music whether it be swing, blues, oldies, country, etc. but eventually audiences grow tired of hearing the same thing over and over.  We offer a variety of styles including Pop/Rock, Swing, R&B, Motown, Country, Oldies and Today’s Hits which enables all of your guests to enjoy themselves.  Plus our Song List is constantly being updated as we learn new material.

You Get Exactly Who You Hire

Unlike most agency bands which can simply be a group of available musicians assembled at the last minute from a talent pool, we are a “set band”.  This means the same musicians play at all of our events which results in a more rehearsed, professional sound and greater satisfaction to you and your guests.  You’ll know exactly who you get when you hire us.

We Pride Ourselves On Being Professional

We are always reachable, we promptly return phone calls and e-mails, we keep our appointments, we follow-up with you regularly, etc.  In short, we pride ourselves on being  reliable, trustworthy, courteous, and honest so you won’t ever have to worry.