cake2Choosing the entertainment for your wedding reception is the most important decision you’ll make. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and remember how much fun they had at YOUR reception and that will depend entirely on the band you hire. Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from couples planning their wedding:

1) What do you charge?

The final price you pay will depend on several factors including number of hours, if an overnight stay is required, special requests, etc. But generally speaking, most of our clients pay in the range of $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the specifics of their event. We will not take advantage of you by increasing our price based on the venue you choose for your event, the size of your guest list, etc. as some agents and other bands do. We understand how expensive weddings and special events can be and believe in offering a fair price no matter the situation. Your satisfaction and positive ‘word-of-mouth’ is much more important to us than charging you a few hundred dollars more. If you price compare, we believe you won’t find any 6-piece bands of our quality and versatility at our price. Discounts available for January, February, March and April of 2016. Book now before prices change!

2) Will you work with our wedding coordinator to assure everything runs smoothly?

Absolutely! We contact your wedding coordinator well in advance to go over the order of events so that there won’t be any surprises. We can even offer our expertise when we initially meet with you to discuss what sequence of events makes most sense. Then, at the reception we’ll work with your coordinator and be in touch with the Best Man, etc. to make sure everything runs smoothly in case your reception begins to run a little ahead or behind schedule.

3) Can you act as the emcee for special announcements (toasts, cake cutting, garter toss, etc.)?

Yes, we’re happy to emcee the reception and we can even help you plan it when we meet with you in advance. Or, in case you already have someone to act as emcee, they’re welcome to use our microphones and sound system.

4) Are you also available to play during our wedding ceremony?

Yes, we’re able to provide any number of the band members to play special music at your ceremony and, if needed, provide a separate sound system (speakers, microphones, etc.). Or if you’d prefer a classical string quartet we can provide that as well.

5) Can we choose our favorite songs from your Song List to do at our reception?

Yes, in fact we’d like to meet with you as far in advance as possible to better understand your event and determine exactly what you’d like from us. Included in this is going over our Song List and highlighting any particular favorites.

6) The song we’ve chosen for our First Dance is not on your Song List. Will you learn it for us and will you learn other special songs for us?

Absolutely! If you don’t see a favorite song of yours on our Song List, we’ll be happy to learn it. Just provide us with a copy of the song on tape or CD no later than 4 weeks prior to your event and we’ll learn it for you!

7) We have a large guest list with people from all age groups. Can you play songs that appeal to both young and old?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of musical styles ranging from the 1930’s and ’40’s to today’s hits. Plus our Song List is constantly being expanded as we learn new songs.

8) What music will you play during cocktails and dinner?

We typically play light instrumental jazz during cocktails as background music while your guests are getting acquainted. Then, during dinner, Sinatra-style standards from the 1930’s and ’40’s always go over well as they prove to be very entertaining without detracting from the meal.

9) We’ve heard that some bands get so loud that it’s difficult to hear anyone talk. Will you be monitoring the volume levels so that it doesn’t get too loud?

Absolutely. We’ll have a dedicated sound person responsible for operating the sound system during the reception and part of that is assuring that the band is at appropriate volume levels for the room and your guests.

10) How many breaks will you take and what happens during the breaks?

We typically take one 15 minute break for every 60 minute block. We try to schedule breaks during other events (cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, etc.) so they go virtually unnoticed. During the breaks we’re happy to play a CD of your choice as background music if you like. However, we enjoy performing so taking breaks is usually the last thing on our minds!